Mississippi  Department of  Corrections

Rick McCarty  

Phil Bryant

Interim Commissioner   





Community Corrections Deputy Commissioner


Deputy Commissioner 


 Jerry Williams

Division of Community Corrections


Jerry Williams is the Deputy Commissioner of the MDOC Community Corrections Division.  Prior to this assignment, he served in the following capacities for MDOC:  Community Corrections:  Region III -Community Corrections Director responsible for 30 counties and five (5) residential facilities and MDOC liaison  for one (1) contractual transitional facility, Branch Director II-American Correctional Association Manager for Community Corrections; MDOC Central Office: Operation Management Analyst Principle; CMCF: Corr-Commander, Correctional Supervisor/MDOC Liaison for Offender Health Care Services, Sergeant and Correctional Officer.

 Williams is a graduate of Jackson State University in Jackson Mississippi., with a BA in Sociology and MA in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice.  He has served on an advisory board for several community organizations and is an Executive Gold Member with the American Correctional Association.