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Inmate Telephone


Inmate Telephones 

The Mississippi Department of Corrections previous inmate telephone service provider, AT&Tís National Public Markets Division,    was acquired by Global Tel* Link on June 2, 2006.As a result, telephone services offered to inmates housed in a state operated facility  will now be provided by Global Tel* Link.

If you are experiencing problems relating to an inmate/customer telephone please contact Global Tel Linkís customer service center at   1-877-650-4249 for account information or billing inquiries. An automated system for our Advancepay prepaid service is available 24   hours a day, to create an account, make a credit card payment and check an account balance at 1-800-483-8314.Business hours are   Monday thru Friday 6:00 am to 10:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time.  

 For additional concerns relating to inmate telephones, please contact the appropriate respective MDOC facility: 

  • For central Mississippi contact the MDOC/CMCF inmate telephone administrator at (601) 932-2880 extension 6729
  • For south Mississippi contact the MDOC/SMCI inmate telephone administrator at (601) 394-5600 extension 1018
  • For north Mississippi contact the MDOC/MSP inmate telephone administrator at (662) 745-6611 extension 4160