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Mississippi  Department of  Corr  


Agriculture Enterprise

Mississippi State Penitentiary

Parchman, MS 


Through the care and training of equine stock, the PACT enterprise plays an important role in inmate rehabilitation by providing an opportunity for inmates to learn kindness and patience and how to make proper choices and to respect animals and people though daily training challenges and teamwork.   Through its partnerships with the MS, LA, and TN Animal Rescue Leagues and the federal Bureau of Land Management, PACT also rescues equine stock and trains wild horses and burros. PACT offers itís finished, trained stock for sale to the general public and governmental entities. 


Parchman Animal Care & Training (PACT) was established  April, 2008 to accomplish the following objectives: 

(1) To provide an enterprise which would  reduce the tax  burden of corrections and save taxpayers monies through profitable production of goods and services for sale and use; 

(2) To reduce idleness among prisoners by offering work experience and training in a vocation that is specifically designed to reduce recidivism and, thereby, enhance public safety by providing opportunities for legitimate means of livelihood upon the inmatesí release from custody. 


If you are interested in adopting or purchasing a horse, donkey or burro from the P.A.C.T please look through the listing of available stock and use the contact numbers below to obtain further information.


The P.A.C.T. has been getting a lot of positive attention.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Fox Television, Memphis TN, sent a crew to the P.A.C.T.  Kristin Talent produced a story on the therapeutic benefits of the program.  The Fox P.A.C.T. story is located on their web site.  The MDOC newsletter ran a brief story on her visit to Parchman.

Mid-South Horse Review ran a story on the P.A.C.T. in September of 2009.  With their gracious permission, the MDOC reran the story in the agency newsletter.

The early successes of the program, and a visit to the program by nationally renowned horse trainer, Rick Wheat, was reported in the MDOC newsletter in July, 2009.


Parchman Animal Care & Training ( PACT) 

Stanley Brooks, Director      (662)745-6611 ext 4257

Scott Biggers, PACT Coordinator      (601)672-4262 

Rob Biggers, Barn Manager               (662)242-0943


For additional information, contact Agricultural Enterprises.