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Date:           March 12, 2001

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Greystone Production writer/producer Scott Paddor (second from left) introduces himself to an inmate at the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, Mississippi. Greystone Productions spent a week filming at the penitentiary for a historical documentary to be aired early next year on the History Channel.

Parchman…A Hollywood camera crew with Greystone Communications, Inc. was on the Mississippi State Penitentiary grounds early this week to film a documentary on the Parchman, Mississippi prison.  The special hour-long production will be featured on the highly acclaimed History Channel’s ‘Big House’ series early next year.  The special show will cover the colorful early history of the prison as told by retired and tenured employees who recount their vivid experiences of ‘life on the farm’. Several elderly inmates who have spent most of their adult lives in prison will add to the unique documentary with their accounts about Parchman during the era of the ‘Trusty Shooter’ when inmates were used to guard inmates.


Mississippi State Penitentiary Deputy Warden Jesse Streeter (in tan suit on the left) talks with Greystone Production officials about the evolution of the penitentiary during his 22 year tenure.

“We became interested in doing a documentary on the penitentiary at Parchman because of its rich heritage and because the ‘blues-style music’ was born in the Delta,” said Scott Paddor, writer/producer for the documentary.  “We strongly felt that Parchman had all the essential components for an historical documentary.  This penitentiary has transformed from a plantation operation to a modern prison system geared to not only educating inmates but also training them in useful vocational skills.”


An inmate at the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, Mississippi talks with a Greystone Production crew about his being a trusty guard.  The inmate has been incarcerated at the penitentiary for 38 years

Paddor said that Greystone had produced 20 documentaries for the History Channels ‘Big House’ series over the past five years.  Their most recent filming effort will feature Northern Ireland’s Maze prison, renown for housing Irish Republican Army terrorists over the past 30 years.

MEDIA NOTE:  The Mississippi Department of Corrections has digital photos of the production crew at the Mississippi State Penitentiary during their filming this week.  If you are interested in receiving a photo, please call Bill Greenleaf at (601) 359-5646 or email him at BGreenleaf@mdoc.state.ms.us.