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Date:          March 7, 2002

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Five Central Mississippi Correctional Facility

Employees Receive Employee Recognition Awards

Pearl – Five Central Mississippi Correctional Facility (CMCF) employees were today recognized for their outstanding service by Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) Commissioner Robert L. Johnson at a special awards ceremony held at the prison in Rankin County. “It is a personal honor for me to be here at CMCF today to present recognition awards to each of you,” said Commissioner Johnson. “Because of the dedicated service of the men and women here at CMCF along with the untiring work of our employees statewide, we have an agency filled with professional staff that daily protect public safety.  I salute each of you for a job well done.”

 The awards event at CMCF was part of an agency-wide recognition program which is conducted each month to recognize employees throughout MDOC for outstanding service. Commissioner Johnson, joined by CMCF Superintendent Lawrence Kelly, presented each employee with lapel pins and certificates.  Additionally, the recipients of the monthly Correctional Officer and the Security Employee recognition awards received a plaque in appreciation for their dedicated service to the prison.

Central Mississippi Correctional Facility employees

receiving recognition awards for February included:


Almo Wynn

Jackson, MS

Correctional Officer IV

University Medical Center 

Housing Tank

Correctional Officer

 of the Month

Eydie Winkel

Brandon, MS

Deputy Warden

CMCF I – Reception and Classification

Security Employee

of the Month

Tracey Montgomery

Utica, MS

Correctional Officer I

CMCF II - Quick Bed Unit

Extra Effort Award

Johnny Newsome

Pearl, MS

Correctional Case Manager

CMCF I – Initial Classification

Extra Effort Award

Kevin Jackson

Jackson, MS

CMCF Training Academy

Training Coordinator

Extra Effort Award


“CMCF’s role of properly classifying new inmates coming into the prison system is a continuous and difficult process,” said Superintendent Lawrence Kelly.  “However, thanks to our dedicated staff, we continue to handle our assignment with accuracy and dispatch.” CMCF currently has 688 in its employ at the 3,049-bed prison facility. Over 7250 offenders were processed through CMCF’s Reception and Classification Center during 2001.  Officials at CMCF report that 1,042 offenders have been processed through the Classification Center during the first two months of 2002.

Almo Wynn, Correctional Officer IV, of Jackson, was presented a plaque recognizing her as Correctional Officer of the Month.  Nominated by CMCF Warden James Holman, Sergeant Wynn, a 10-year veteran at CMCF, was saluted for her important role as supervisor of MDOC’s Holding Tank facility at the University Medical Center (UMC).  MDOC prisoners are held in the facility to await their medical appointments at the hospital.  “Sergeant Wynn has a very difficult assignment overseeing and coordinating the movement of inmates to meet their appointments scheduled at the various medical departments at UMC, but she does an outstanding job of handling this assignment,” said Warden Holman.  In addition to her primary assignment of providing security at the Holding Tank, Sergeant Wynn plays a key role of gathering background information on immediate family members who make visitation requests to visit offenders who are admitted to the UMC for extended care.  Her reports play a role in ultimately granting or denying requests by family members to visit offenders while under care at UMC. Warden Holman added, “Sergeant Wynn also has the task of training and monitoring security assigned in support at the Holding tank.  She is a very professional employee with whom it is a pleasure to work.”

Eydie Winkel, of Brandon, received CMCF’s Security Employee of the Month recognition award. A 16-year veteran with the prison system, Deputy Warden Winkel was nominated to receive the special recognition by Warden Jackie Parker. “Deputy Warden Winkel exemplifies professionalism in every since of the word,” said Warden Parker.  “She is among a special class of employees who has actually worked at CMCF since it first opened its doors for operation in 1985.  She steadily advanced through the ranks from correctional officer to her current title of deputy warden,” Warden Parker added, “Deputy Warden Winkel exhibits all the desirable qualities of an ideal supervisor.  She’s fair, but firm.  She is enthusiastic in her role and she leads her staff by example.”  Deputy Warden Winkel was commended for her dedication and untiring service to CMCF during her 16-year service at CMCF.

Tracey Montgomery, Correctional Officer I, of Utica, a 3-year veteran with CMCF, received the Extra Effort Award.  “Officer Montgomery, who is responsible for securing chemicals and supplies at CMCF II, received the prison’s Extra Effort employee recognition award.  Officer Montgomery was nominated to receive the special recognition by Lieutenant Reginald Steward, Support Services Administrator.  “The productivity and organizational efficiency of our chemical and supplies division at the CMCF II Quick Bed Unit involving both our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDA), chemical records, and our building supply program records have been vastly improved since Officer Montgomery was assigned to her position,” said Lt. Steward.

Tracey Montgomery (continued) – “Under her outstanding managerial skills, the division has been vastly improved,” Lt. Steward added.  Officer Montgomery was commended for her organizational skills in setting up an accounting inventory program that accurately tabulates all issuing and receiving actions of chemicals and supplies under her supervision.

Johnny Newsome, Correctional Case Manager, of Jackson, received CMCF’s Extra Effort employee recognition award.  A 12-year veteran with MDOC, Case Manager Newsome was nominated for recognition by Michelle Feazell, Interim Assistant Director of Offender Services at CMCF.  “Case Manager Newsome’s wealth of experience has been of invaluable assistance to CMCF’s Initial Classification Department,” said Feazell.  “His expertise, particularly in reading count documents and determining proper incarceration programs is extremely helpful to the division given the ever increasing numbers of offenders being referred to the supervision of MDOC.  Through the first two months of 2002, approximately 1100 offenders have gone through Initial Classification.”  Interim Assistant Director of Offender Services Michelle Feazell added, “Case Manager Newsome serves as an inspiration to all of the Initial Classification staff.  He is a tireless worker who is dedicated to making sure that the information in the offenders record is correct.”  Case Manager Newsome was characterized as a “team-player” and was complimented for his willingness to help out wherever he is needed.  In addition to his case manager’s role he serves on prison audit team 

Kevin Jackson, CMCF Training Coordinator, of Jackson, was presented the Extra Effort award at CMCF’s employee recognition ceremony.  A 7-year employee with MDOC, Jackson was nominated for the special recognition by David Brooks, his co-worker in the Training Department.  “Kevin Jackson has played a vital role in our Training Department.  He recognizes the essentialness of training and its key interlocking role in the total scheme of MDOC’s mission,” said David Brooks, CMCF Training Coordinator.  “Training’s role is unending.  It is a year-round effort to train staff how to do their jobs better,” Brooks added.  “Kevin Jackson is an outstanding training instructor.  He has a natural ability to create participation by his students.  His instructional style permeates a desire on the participants’ to learn.  Because of the dynamic role training plays in corrections, particularly as it relates to safety in the prison environment, CMCF is most fortunate to have Kevin Jackson as a member of the Training Department.”

Media Note: If you would like a digital photograph of the service award recipients, e-mail bgreenleaf@mdoc.state.ms.us or phone him at (601) 359-5646.