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Date:          January 14, 2002         

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MDOC Central Mississippi Correctional Facility

Employees Receive Employee Recognition/Service Awards

Pearl – Commissioner Robert L. Johnson presented the Mississippi Department of Corrections’ (MDOC) employee recognition and service awards to employees at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility (CMCF) in Pearl, Mississippi, today. “I wish  not only to congratulate each of the recipients of the recognition awards for a job well done, but also to salute all of our loyal, dedicated men and women here at CMCF for their untiring efforts for corrections,” said Commissioner Johnson.

Central Mississippi Correctional Facility employees

receiving recognition awards for December 2001 included:

Joe Smith

Facility Maintenance Superintendent

Employee of the Month

Thomasena Marshall

Correctional Officer III

CMCF – III, Building B

Correctional Officer

of the Month

Donald Carter

Correctional Supervisor

CMCF - I, R & C

Security Officer

of the Month

Rufus Burks

Correctional Deputy Warden


Extra Effort Award

Johnny Roe

Maintenance Supervisor

Auto Shop

Extra Effort Award

Shirley Wilder

Branch Director II

Extra Effort Award


Commissioner Johnson, joined by CMCF Superintendent Lawrence Kelly, presented each employee with lapel pins and certificates.  Additionally, the three employees of the month received plaques in appreciation for their dedicated service to the prison. 

CMCF is the central receiving point for the processing of offenders sentenced to the supervision of MDOC. “Our reception and classification center processed over 7,250 offenders into the prison system during 2001,” said Superintendent Kelly.  CMCF employs over 650 personnel to operate the 3,049-bed facility. “CMCF’s staff is to be highly complimented for the excellent job they’re doing,” said Commissioner Johnson. “I’m extremely proud of their outstanding performance record which can be attributed to the highly trained and dedicated staff.”

Joe Smith, Facility Maintenance Superintendent of Terry, was presented the Employee of the Month Award.  Nominated by Mike Parker, Physical Plant Director, Mr. Smith, a six-year veteran with the prison system, was commended for his outstanding maintenance skills.  “We are indeed fortunate to have a person with Joe’s knowledge and ability to maintain our facilities,” said Mr. Parker.  “He is a delight to work with and is always ready to help out when ever called upon.  This is a mark of an outstanding employee.”

Thomasena Marshall, of Edwards and a six-year veteran at CMCF, was presented a plaque recognizing her as Correctional Officer of the Month.  Nominated by CMCF Correctional Supervisor Carlos Funchess to receive the service award, Correctional Officer IV Marshall was commended for her alertness and dedication to the job. According to Correctional Supervisor Funchess, on December 1, 2001, Officer Marshall spotted a visitor handing what she suspected might possibly be contraband to a prisoner. She promptly reported it to security.  Prison officials immediately conducted a search and a $100 bill was discovered hidden in the inmate’s uniform.     

Donald Carter, of Jackson and a Correctional Supervisor at CMCF I, received the Extra Effort

Award.  Deputy Warden Eydie Winkel nominated Lieutenant Carter, an eight-year veteran with the prison system to receive the award.  “He is a team player who always shows professionalism in his work,” said Deputy Warden Winkel.  “He has an easy going manner.  His management style coupled with his untiring dedication to his profession make him a delight to work with.”  Lieutenant Carter was further saluted for his willingness to work extra shifts during staff shortages.  It was also noted that Lieutenant Carter’s demeanor commands the respect from prisoners, a highly valued asset in offender supervision.  

Rufus Burks, Correctional Deputy Warden, of Jackson, was presented CMCF’s Extra Effort Award.  Nominated by Personnel Officer IV Natalie Moore, Deputy Warden Burkes, a sixteen-year veteran at CMCF, was characterized as being unwaveringly loyal to his profession and dedicated to ensuring that everything is run properly under his supervision.  “Deputy Warden Burkes is a valuable asset to CMCF,” said Ms. Moore.  “He successfully maintains rapport with his staff by artfully applying a proven open-door philosophy which engenders support.”

Johnny Roe, an Auto Maintenance Supervisor of Pearl and a nine-year veteran with the prison, was presented CMCF’s Extra Effort Award. Nominated to receive the staff service award by Mike Parker, Physical Plant Director, Johnny Roe was described as being both a dependable and a highly professional employee whose call to duty is always the first order of business.  It was further noted that Roe had done an excellent job in managing the maintenance program at CMCF.  “The maintenance shop work load has increased dramatically over the past year,” said Mr. Parker.  “However,” he continued, “Johnny Roe has only been inspired to meet these pressing new challenges with determination.  He has literally gone the extra mile by putting in additional long hours of hard work to make sure our vehicles are not only kept running but equally important in safe operation for the staff on a daily basis.”  In addition to the prison fleet, Mr. Roe oversees servicing of all probation and parole vehicles in the central Mississippi region.

Shirley Wilder, Branch Director II of Canton, was presented the agency’s Extra Effort Award in recognition of her outstanding service at CMCF.  Wilder, who is a six-year veteran with the prison system, is assigned to CMCF’s Alcohol & Drug and Pre-Release Programs.  Nominated by Jacqueline R. Parker, Division Director II over Pre-Release and Alcohol Treatment Programs, Wilder was described as a highly dedicated employee.  “Shirley Wilder is an extremely efficient employee,” said  Parker.  “ She has literally gone the extra mile over the past several months.  Because of a shortage of A&D program counselors, she has assumed the added responsibility of teaching and holding A&D sessions for participants to assure that they are provided needed services and are subsequently released on time.”  Parker continued, “CMCF is indeed fortunate to have in its employ a person with Shirley Wilder’s dedication and leadership experience to help out in this crucial program at CMCF.”

In addition, 12 employees were recognized for their years of service to MDOC.  CMCF employees that reached a milestone in service years during December include:  




Years of Service

Lynda Jordan


5 years

Patricia Anderson


15 years

Percy Barton


15 years

John Blackwell


15 years

Alfredia Dodd


15 years

Sylvia Kelly


15 years

Raphael McNair


15 years

Bettye Phillips


15 years

Kenard West


15 years

Leanette Jordan


20 years

Darrell Pierce


20 years

Margaret Bingham


25 years


Media Note: If you would like a digital photograph of the service award recipients, e-mail bgreenleaf@mdoc.state.ms.us or phone him at (601) 359-5646.