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Choose Freedom


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Be Smart. Choose Freedom.

Mississippi Department of Corrections

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The Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) recently launched a new campaign geared at deterring young people from criminal activity.

“Be Smart. Choose Freedom.” is a series of public service announcements that are aired on television stations across the state.  In the agency’s efforts to help improve the quality of life for families in Mississippi, MDOC presented the series to discourage those at risk from becoming criminal offenders.


“One of the things I hate most is seeing the hundreds of young people throw their lives away by involving themselves in illegal activities. We cannot afford to sit idly watching the dreams of our children disintegrate knowing more can be done. That’s why I believe this campaign is a step forward in the right direction.” 

MDOC Commissioner Chris Epps





MDOC’s “Be Smart. Choose Freedom.” campaign follows the lead of the New Jersey Department of Corrections in launching public service announcements aimed at reducing the number of young people going into the penal system.
The campaign’s series of announcements send a strong message that crime and incarceration are not acceptable options.