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Earned Release Supervision


Earned Release Supervision

Earned Release Supervision (ERS) is an early release form incarceration component of the Truth-in-Sentencing statue passed into law in July, 1995.  An offender must earn his or her participation in the program.  Participation is contingent upon institutional behavior and work ethic.  This component reflects the final 15% of the offender's sentence and is accomplished through supervision by a field officer.  Any misbehavior or violation of this early release mechanism will result in the offender being returned to prison to serve the balance of his/her sentence in addition to the time the offender has been out on ERS

For more information 47-5-138 and 47-5-139


Intensive Supervision Program

The Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) is an alternative sanction to incarceration designed for marginal risk offenders.  The agency has absolute authority to transfer the offender from a house arrest setting in the event he/she violates any condition of the program.