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Intensive Supervision Program


Intensive Supervision Program

MDOC’s Intensive Supervision Program (ISP), commonly referred to as “house arrest,” is an  alternative program to incarceration in a facility.  Inmates on house arrest must wear a monitoring  device bracelet at all times.  Depending on an inmate’s sentence, inmates are required to be at home during certain times of the day.  If at any time an inmate is not at home during the required curfew, an ISP officer is immediately notified.  If necessary, a warrant is issued for the inmate’s arrest if it is considered to be an escape from ISP. 


An inmate can be classified to ISP by a judge or the joint placement committee of MDOC.  The joint placement committee consists of the Commissioner of Corrections or his designee, the Director of Offender Services and the Chairman of the Parole Board or his designee.



·        Must be within 15 months of  earliest release date. 

·        Must be A or B custody (minimum or medium security) to be considered for release to the program  



·        Inmates charged with or currently incarcerated for a violent offense

·        Inmates who have previously been convicted of a violent crime and served a one year sentence or more

·        Inmates previously convicted of, currently charged with, or currently incarcerated for a  sex crime

·        Inmates who have been found guilty of a serious rule violation report involving aggressive behavior against a staff member within the last 6 months offenders who have been found guilty of a RVR involving drugs within the last 6 months period will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.   

·        Inmates convicted of a felony committed after having been confined for the conviction of a felony on a previous occasion.  


For more information, contact ISP.