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Mississippi Prison Industries


Mississippi Prison Industries

Mississippi Prison Industries (MPIC) is a non-profit, self-funded corporation established by the Mississippi Legislature in 1990.  It has operations representing a rich and diverse combination of inmate work programs that offer inmates the opportunity to obtain skills and work experiences to support economic self-sufficiency upon release and to reduce recidivism.

MPIC is an integral part of the correctional system in Mississippi creating realistic work experiences to sentenced, adult offenders residing in state correctional facilities.  The importance of inmate work has been recognized and supported throughout the history of prisons.

MPICís organizational structure represents an essential balance between technical administrative, and marketing expertise.  This balance is aimed at reducing the cost of government operations and maximizing the rehabilitative potential for inmate work.  To stay viable in todayís changing economy and correctional environment, MPIC has adopted strategies to make business more efficient by balancing operations in keeping with the needs of the customers, reducing waste, making the most of resources available while refraining from unreasonably competing with Mississippiís private sector manufacturers.  The challenge is to provide jobs for inmates in a vastly more competitive market.  MPICís focus is to strengthen relationships with customers to secure last, mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Structured along the lines of a traditional private enterprise, the organization is directed and managed to meet operating goals with day to day supervision ensuring that accountable, efficient practices are implemented in all locations aimed at total quality management.  MPIC is committed to quality Ė quality products, quality learning opportunities and quality management processes. 

MPIC operations include (but not limited to):  Printing, Textiles, Bedding, Metal Fabrication, Wood Working, Office Furniture, Cement Products, Signage, Embroidery, Parks & Recreational Products, Security Products, and Service Work for the private sector.  In addition MPIC operates an Offender Placement Program and Transition Placement Training Center to support Offender Reentry and assist offenders in successfully rejoining society when they have served their time and paid their debt to society. 

During Fiscal year 2007 MPIC worked an average of 607 offenders daily or over 1,000,000 hours of work in Fiscal Year 2007.