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Restitution Centers List


Restitution Centers

Community Services Division  

Restitution Centers

Updated: 05/06/2015

The Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) Community Services Division has 4 restitution centers  that house an average of 64 residents.  Those serving their sentence at a restitution center work for businesses in the community to pay for their court-ordered

restitution fines, room & board, and any court costs.


Region I, Lee McTeer, CCD:

Leflore County Restitution Center

308 Hwy 7 North Rear

Greenwood, MS 38935

Vacant, Correctional Commander

Linda Mitchell, Correctional Supervisor

Shatoby Perry, Case Manager

Candace Applewhite, Correction Field Officer

Office:  (662) 453-5134

Fax:      (662) 453-0243


 Region II, Todd King, CCD:

Flowood Restitution Center

1632 Highway 80 East  

Flowood, MS 39232

Barbara Tyler, Interim  Deputy Warden

Jerry Wilder, Commander

Vacant, Corr-Correctional Supervisor

Felicia Beard, Corr-Correctional Supervisor

Diane Porter, Case Manager

Patricia Kemp,  Acting  Corr-Correctional Field Officer

Office:  (601) 936-7213

   Fax:      (601) 936-7216  


Hinds County Restitution Center

429 South Gallatin Street

Jackson, MS 39203

Grady McEntee, Commander

Shondra Mathew, Correctional Supervisor

Otis-Craig, Corr-Correctional Field Officer

Office:  (601) 354-0062

Fax:      (601) 354-0606

Region III, Kenneth Valentine, CCD:

Pascagoula Restitution Center

1721 E. Kenneth Avenue

Pascagoula, MS 39568

Latonya Thompson, Commander

Vacant, Correctional Supervisor

Barbara Molden, Case Manager

Vacant, Correctional Field Officer

Office:  (228) 762-1331

Fax:      (228) 762-0291