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Restitution Centers List


Restitution Centers

Community Services Division  

Restitution Centers

Updated: 07/10/2014

The Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) Community Services Division has 4 restitution centers  that house an average of 64 residents.  Those serving their sentence at a restitution center work for businesses in the community to pay for their court-ordered

restitution fines, room & board, and any court costs.


Region I, Lee McTeer, CCD:

Leflore County Restitution Center

308 Hwy 7 North Rear

Greenwood, MS 38935

Allen Langdon,  Commander

Jonathan Bradley, Correctional Supervisor

Shatoby Perry, Case Manager

Chandra Bonner, Correction Field Officer

Office:  (662) 453-5134

Fax:      (662) 453-0243


 Region II, Christy Gutherz, CCD:

Flowood Restitution Center

1632 Highway 80 East  

Flowood, MS 39232

Phillis Tario, Deputy Warden

Alfred Jenkins, Commander

Minnie Coleman, Correctional Supervisor

Shenicka Jones, Correctional Supervisor

Katherine Burgess, Case Manager

Felicia Beard, Case Manager

Lisa Spinks-O’Hara, Correctional Field Officer 

Office:  (601) 936-7213

   Fax:      (601) 936-7216  


Hinds County Restitution Center

429 South Gallatin Street

Jackson, MS 39203

Mary Rushing, Commander

Josephine Woods, Correctional Supervisor

Mattie Thomas, Case Manager

Gevon Smith, Correctional Field Officer

Office:  (601) 354-0062

Fax:      (601) 354-0606

Region III, Viruth Lek Phongam, CCD:

Pascagoula Restitution Center

1721 E. Kenneth Avenue

Pascagoula, MS 39568

Ken Valentine, Commander

Latonya Thompson, Correctional Supervisor

Gertrude “Elaine” Croon, Case Manager

John Ziv, Correctional Field Officer

Office:  (228) 762-1331

Fax:      (228) 762-0291